Aims & Organisation

Advances in personal computing and information technologies have fundamentally transformed how maps are produced and consumed, as many maps today are highly interactive and delivered online or through mobile devices. User experience (UX) describes the set of concepts, guidelines, and workflows for critically thinking about the design and use of an interactive product, map or otherwise. UX is a growing profession in the geospatial industry and broader technology sector, with UI/UX designers needed to engage with stakeholders and target users throughout large software engineering and web design projects

The International Cartographic Association has a longstanding interest in map use and user issues. The International Cartographic Association (ICA) Commission on the User Experience (UX) maintains our historical focus on user studies and usability research in cartography while exploring exciting new developments on user experience design in information visualization, human-computer interaction, usability engineering, and web design. The UX Commission is guided by our 2019-2023 Terms of Reference, balancing activities by basic research, open educational resources, and professional stewardship.

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