UX Commission talks at ICC 2021

The UX Commission will host 25 papers across four sessions at the 2021 International Cartography Conference. All papers will be read on Friday, 17 December in Room A209 (48 Via Laura). Abstracts will follow after the ICC proceedings are published online. For the full program, please see: https://www.icc2021.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/ICC_2021_Programmaweb_211214.pdf


  • Evaluating a Location-Based Game to Support Citizens’ Situated Reflection on History: a Mixed Method Approach | Catherine Jones
  • Selection of Usability Heuristics to Evaluate Digital Maps Accessed on Different Devices | Vinicius Emmel Martins, Marcio Augusto Reolon Schmidt, Luciene Stamato Delazari
  • A Set of Criteria for Evaluating Map Application Design in a Mobile Environment | Marc Schulz, Julian Huiber, Temenoujka Bandrova
  • Identifying Map-Reading, Map-Using, and Map-Generating Tasks in a Crowdsourcing Context | Claudia Robbi Sluter, João Vitor Meza Bravo
  • Towards Reproducible User Studies and Behavioral Experiments for Cartography With the STIMSRV Framework | Florian Ledermann, Georg Gartner
  • How Do People Make Decisions With/Without Smartphones While Walking in the City? | Kaori Ito, Asahi Maeda, Kota Katsumata, Seiya Takayanagi


  • Finite Mixtures of Normal Distributions in the Study of the Error in Altimetry | José Rodríguez-Avi, Francisco Javier Ariza-López
  • Assessing Legend Designs for Coordinated and Multiple Views Geovisualizations | Izabela Golebiowska, Tomasz Opach, Arzu Çoltekin
  • UCD Techniques Applied to the Design of Interfaces for Integration Between Expert System and GIS to Define the
    Directive of Transmission Lines | Renan Daros, Luciene Delazari, Daniel Dos Santos, Ana Carolina Lopes
  • Interactive Cartographic Visualization of Real-time Satellite Data and Their Orbits | Shlesha Acharya
  • Empirical Evaluation of Four-Variate Thematic Maps for Expert Users | Jolanta Korycka-Skorupa, Izabela Golebiowska
  • How do Decision Makers Interact With Geospatial Data? an Eye Tracking Study | Jessica Hepburn, David Fairbairn, Philip James, Alistair Ford


  • Forensic Mapping in a Civil Proceeding in South Africa | Peter Schmitz, Kelcey Inglis, Patrick Holloway
  • Lived and perceived space during lock-down in a sensitive map approach | Laurence Jolivet, Catherine Dominguès, Éric Mermet, Sevil Seten
  • Interactive Web Maps: Usability Heuristics Proposal | Juliana Orro Mar Marquez, Tiago Silva, Paulo Meirelles
  • Making Sense of Coronavirus News Map: a Multiple Sorting Approach | Johanna Meyer, Danae Stanton Fraser, Julie Barnett
  • Adaptation of Maps to Pupils With Severe Visual Impairments | Alena Vondrakova, Katerina Becicova, Radek Barvir, Jan Brus
  • An Analyze of Spatial Newspapers in a Certain Period | Pinar Sarin, Necla Ulugtekin
  • An exploratory digital environment for learning about southern African pre-colonial urbanism – a usability study | Brenda Maina, Serena Coetzee, Stefania Merlo, Victoria Rautenbach


  • User Study on Informationally Equivalent Thematic Maps for Map Use Tasks | Katarzyna Slomska-Przech, Izabela Golebiowska
  • An End-User Evaluation to Explore the Effectiveness of Cartograms for Mapping Spatial Accessibility | Aldo Arranz-López, Julio A Soria-Lara, Amor Ariza-Álvarez
  • Personalisation of Data-Driven Storytelling | Sebastian Meier, Fabian Dinklage, Katrin Glinka
  • Spatial Searches for Journal Articles | Sanet Carow Carow, Curtis Mashimbye, Peter Schmitz, Ruan Schoeman
  • The Reading Strategies of a Map-Based Dashboard – Acquisition and Assessment | Chenyu Zuo, Linfang Ding, Liqiu Meng
  • The Usability of the Idrogeo Web Platform for the Dissemination of Information on Landslides and Floods in Italy | Carla Iadanza, Alessandro Trigila, Paolo Starace, Alessio Dragoni, Tommaso Biondo, Marco Roccisano